At The Brink of Winter

Mist Rising

Into the Mist

Middle of the River

Beauty Rises from the Ashes

Sunrise Reflection

Branches Reaching Through the Ice

Mourning Angel

Entrapped Beauty

Fire and Ice

Pastel Wild Rose

Signs of Autumn

Sunlight and Reflections

Love You to Death

Band of Fog


Emerging Tree

Mirror Mirror

Bubbles up Close

Rental Boats

Misty River Bend

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Predator vs Toad

In The End I Guess I Had to Fall

Murder of the Rose

Blue Reflection

Smoky Rose

Ice Formations

Portrait of a Wood Frog

The Box

Frozen Monarch

Dreamy Landscape

Enchanted Rose

Circle the Drain


Lily Pads

Two Tree Tops

Cold and Alone

Car Ride

Watching and Waiting

Bleeding Rose

Fiery Rose

Skull and Roses

Enchanting Chair

Sunflowers and Oil Lamp

Hidden Beauty- Cascade River

Moonlit Waters

Hidden Paradise

October Fog

Icy River

Death is Natural

Feeling Trapped

Forest Skeletons


Sculpted by the River

Nature’s Glass

Arctic Shore

Three Trees

Ice and Blue Skies


Reaching for the Other Side

River Leaf

Abandoned Fairytale

All That Remains

Ice and Rocks

Hovering Ice

Frozen Tree

Ouray Trip #17

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